What is an animal sanctuary?

An animal sanctuary is a place where the animals live free, respected and safe from any kind of abuse for the rest of their lives. 

There is the possibility that a sanctuary act as temporary shelter for some animals untill they can be reintroduced to their natural habitat.

In an animal sanctuary all activities are by and for the animals, without profitable ain of any kind, based on respect and equality between human and non-human animals

Oolong and Astrid resting happy in the sanctuary

The animal sanctuary Espíritu Libre is intended to be the new home for the animals victim of abandonment, abuse or exploitation. This place will be their home, their freedom, so they will be treat with respect and they will be safe from any any kind of exploitation.

The inhabitants will enjoy an individualized treatment, individualized as an individual, no as an species. Just as we, each one of them has particular wishes and necessities, and in terns of it this sanctuary will absolutely respect them. To accomplish with this particularized care, we will consider the incoming of new animals, limiting the number of rescued animals to protect the welsafe necessary conditons for each of the inhabitants.

This also mean that the animals will not live in cages or small spaces. This doesn't mean that there is no separation between animal groups, this separation is sometimes to ensure their safety.

All this big work is done in this space will come with a big work to sensitize and raise awareness. The inhabitatns are their specie's ambassadors, and because of this, through their stories we can raise awareness in the society about the abuse they suffer. We can algo show the world how these animals really are out of the exploitation because their way they are is absolutely different.

In the Spanish State there are currently more than 20 animal sanctuaries that work with all their might to give the animals the life they deserve.

Some of them are: Santuario Compasión Animal, Santuario El Paraíso de Nora, Santuario Vegan, Santuario Vacaloura, Microsantuario La Vida Color Frambuesa, Santuario Almas Veganas...



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